Cable Provider

Prime Media provides an end-to-end solution for cable advertising sales. We provide the manpower and expertise to maximize ad revenue for your system. We handle the local, regional, and national sales efforts to assure that you get a share of the 13 billion dollar cable advertising market.

Our trained staff handles the traffic, billing, and collection process for advertising. Our business model connects you with the dollars being spent in your DMA from national accounts. Our inside sales staff keeps your system in front of important national and regional agencies as well as national rep firms like NCC. Our marketing department works closely with your own staff to increase efficiencies and assist and compliment your own marketing efforts. Our marketing, sales and production teams work together to create effective partnering programs like our much copied “ Buy Local “ and “Community Partners” campaigns that enhance the “local” effect and drive revenue. We are there to help re-enforce your branding, your image, and your reputation. We can partner for local origination channels, and assist with helping you to build VOD advertising and network affiliate cross-channel programs.

Allow us to develop multiple revenue streams for your company.

For more information contact:

Walter Baker, Vice President Business Services at 888.442.0057 ext. 226 or

Paul Lucci, Vice President Strategic Development at 888.442.0057 ext. 247 or