Cable Ad Insertion

Prime Media develops multiple revenue streams for its clients. Representing the top MSO’s, independent cable operators, municipal systems, and telco video providers, with one goal in mind …. to maximize system revenue. Prime Media provides the core competency for cable advertising to produce benchmark results for our clients. Our unique business model of a community based partnership ensures that our suite of services enhance, compliment and monetizes, when possible, the efforts of our provider clients.

Prime Media provides the economies of scale to insure ad insertion operates as a profitable revenue stream. By selecting to outsource to Prime Media, our clients have found that they can focus their energies on what they know best … products, services and enterprise growth. Our in-house production department allows affordable spot production for the small business customers that are so typical in many systems. In addition, our production staff is willing and able to assist our clients in producing their own spots to support their branding campaigns and the sale of new services.